gal pals are the best

It is so important for you to have a good group of friends! They carry you through the hard times, but most importantly they are there even when you don’t necessarily need them.

I recently read about a study that was done by a group of researchers from the University of Oxford. The investigation revealed the necessary steps that a woman needs to take to achieve happiness in all aspects of her life. The study discovered the basis would be in women feeling free to go out with their girlfriends at least twice a week. The article went on to explain the why behind the research done and all the scientific facts that prove it.

Honestly, I couldn’t agree more! In my opinion, laughter and quality time is the best medicine! This last week has been hard, but I have my girlfriends come right along side me and bring me up. My friend Taylor took me to D-Bat and we hit softballs until our fingers hurt because I just needed to get my anger out. Wednesday I celebrated my birthday with some friends at one of my favorite restaurants in town, just laughing and hanging out. Friday my church hosted the Tim Tebow Foundation’s Night To Shine and I got to be a part of that. Dancing and videoing all night, laughing with my friends and watching them love on the 150+ honored guests. Over the weekend I got to spend some time with one of my long time college friends who moved a couple of hours away. And finally last night some fun ladies and I got to celebrate one of our dear friends for her 22nd birthday.

Friends are important and they make everything better!! During this hard time, my friends came right beside me, cried with me, laughed with me, drank with me, and just loved me so incredibly well.

I know I’ve written about my friends a lot now, but I couldn’t be more thankful for them right now in this season of my live. BUT listen to science, because science says you’ll be healthier if you hang out with your girlfriends once or twice a week!!!

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